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Being successful today isn’t just about what to do, it’s also knowing what not to do. Less sales failures mean more sales successes. Today’s transaction ready buyers are often ready to buy at the first point of contact. Are you closing most of them? If not, why not?

Duane Marino


was a defining moment for us all.

As everyone sat idle, we chose to reflect, plan and pro-act to the "new normal".

What emerged was a 100% new business model for us and our clients.  We built a totally new physical facility with brand new virtual services.  Join us as we "Connect - Engage - Grow" with you and your business in an affordable and scalable way like no one else was or will be able, to replicate.
Duane's training gets you going and his coaching keeps you growing!

Through this, we have all found that we don't need more people, we just need the right people.  We have to evolve or dissolve!  Warriors train and whiners complain!

Duane's engaging, regular, training and coaching interactions guarantees your team will develop a culture of growth and continuous improvement in your Sales, F&I, Management and Service Teams!
Duane Marino training


Duane has been in the car business since he was 16 years old.  While rapidly working his way up and around the business, his passion and mission became to continually work on himself while passing on what he was learning to help others. He keeps his head out of the clouds by keeping his boots on the ground, selling and working in dealerships throughout North America.  His focus is 100% automotive only. Having the cleverness and wisdom to survive and thrive through four economic downturns, Duane is ready, willing and able to help you and your team to new levels of growing, learning and earning today! 

Always Helping.  Always Adapting.  Since 1992

Peer Recognition



Duane was contacted personally by Joe Girard (, the world’s #1 retail car sales person according to the Guinness Book of World Records, to conduct his inaugural talk with him in the atrium at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit. This makes Duane the only automotive sales trainer to do a talk with Joe! Joe became Duane’s close friend and mentor.


Duane spoke to a standing room only crowd of nearly 700 people at NADA San Francisco discussing how to “STOP Managing People and START Creating Champions” with content in NADA’s University.



Duane facilitated at the first 10x Auto Academy launch in Miami. It marked the kick-off of the collaborative partnership of their virtual training platforms MarinoTV & Cardone On Demand in the USA.

For things to change for you things have to change about you

Media Articles

Duane Marino training

What it Takes to be a Great F&I Manager

Anyone who follows me knows how passionate I am about the car business and psychology. To that point, my son is now a very high performing F&I manager, and my daughter is a very successful psychotherapist.

Unstoppable Selling Offers Blueprint for Sales Success

The road to sales success starts with knowing what to focus on. Sales do not come from technology. “Too many sales people ignore these nuggets of advice,” says sales trainer Duane Marino.

Building a Professional F&I Team

We all know the goal is to ensure that 100 per cent of all customers who purchase new and used vehicles from your dealership complete their transaction in the F&I office.


Twice the Sales in Half the Time™
Still Using a “4 Square” to Close your Customers?

Still Using a “4 Square”
to Close your Customers?

This is a Google Review from one of our FLOW dealer clients, Oakville Chrysler. Among dozens of major and minor changes in our FLOW sales process, we show our clients how to counter your competition that still use the old “4 Square Close”. In 2010 I was...
Complexity is the Enemy of Execution

Complexity is the Enemy
of Execution

How much more would you be willing, able and ready to do if you weren’t so bogged down by irrelevant and cumbersome stuff during your sales day? I got to see first hand, one of the ways Joe Girard was able to keep his 150+ cars a month held together...

Our Clients’ Results Speak Volumes

Improved Sales, Profits, Customer Experience and Employee Retention
Bob Mohr & John Kostakos,

Bob Mohr & John Kostakos,

Promoters, USA & Canada
For over 40 years, we have hand-picked and co-created the careers of the best trainers and speakers such as Jackie B.Cooper, Grant Cardone, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and many, many more.  Duane Marino is the automotive trainer of today and embodies the best traits of the best in his field, past and present. He not only understands the market and the inner workings of a store, he can actually do what he teaches in a store personally and does so regularly at stores across the nation. I can say that every salesperson, manager and dealer should take advantage of what he has to offer, from phone to sales to closing skills, management training, F&I and sales psychology. HE’S YOUR MAN.
Jeff Sleete

Jeff Sleete

VP, Sinclair Broadcasting Group
While in the midst of the worst economic downturn and automotive contraction the United States has ever seen, we knew we needed something different, fresh, motivating and effective to help our dealers get out of the slump. So we sought the best we could find and found Duane, flew him to our Washington studio and he did a 2 Hour Power Talk, broadcast across the nation. The feedback was instant, awesome and unanimous. He’ll be back soon for another show.
Danny BrackettBrackett

Danny Brackett

DP, GM & Chrysler, Orangeville
We have been using Duane’s sales programs for my sales people for years, so when he described his Dealer Group Program it only made sense. Open access to the Academy Programs for Sales, F&I, Service and Management, MarinoTV, his books, in-dealership and group training has streamlined our training efforts, reduced my training expenses, and helped my team maximize their potential!
Joshua MacGrath

Joshua MacGrath

DP, Toyota, Summerside
What I have found most about Duane’s (training) is that he’s a study of the best parts of all the best philosophies. He’s got certain aspects that you’d find in other types of training, but he’s blended them new things and modern methodologies that make it completely his own. And if you are not taking his training, you’re really only getting a fragmented version of what could be a better training, which would be his!
Unstoppable Books

More FLOW is More Dough!

Duane sells cars today and is an accomplished strategist, trainer, speaker, author and student of many aspects of personal development. Duane is rewriting the book on how to be successful in retail automotive.

Only bad information or poor execution can hold you back

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